The take over started in 2019!


Scroll over videos!

Illegal raids

Inhumane slaughters

Corrupt police

Killing at wrong home

Stepping baby ducks to death

Helicopters hovering on top of homes

Illegal dumping

Jokeable bio security



False paperwork

And them some….

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Police officers entered my home 4xs with an illegal warrant. Threaten to shoot unarmed minors over their healthy pets. Agents inhumanely slaughtered the pets as the kids screamed in terror. My birds tested healthy. The public has never seen any written conclusive test results of anything. I am a retired police officer, my spouse is an officer. I have each raid recored. Police claim no record of anything. Warrants have been sealed in superior court. Agents have made threats of retaliation against my spouse. We have never received any indemnity for property loss & property damage. An array of constitutional violations, federal and state law.

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What's really remarkable about this is that congress has done ZERO to stop this. They are as complicit as the dems. They have participated in this and that includes every last one of them. Time we stand up and act and let them know they will be held accountable.

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I read these kind of articles all the time and the only thing I don't see is a solution to stop this madness. What do we do? How do we stop them? If our leaders are joining in with them how do we get a grasp on the slide? Any ideas?

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The WHO agreement is really about globalist control. It must be stopped.

The way I look at the world is that there is a globalist agenda at the apex of the power hierarchy. They call the tune for China, the US, Israel and all other nations. And they are the real enemy of humanity. They are the ones pushing humanity into poverty through their Climate Agenda. And yet there is no Anthropogenic (man made) Climate Change. They are the one’s trying to precipitate a Third World War in the Ukraine. They are the ones attempting to enslave the entire planet through implementation of digital currency and digital ID’s. The purpose of this essay, and my previous essays, is to expose and end this globalist agenda for good.

I think what is required is solidarity among all humans of planet Earth pushing an agenda that benefits us all. Thankfully a new Anti-War movement has begun with a protest in DC on 02/19/2023: Rage Against the War Machine. The primary demand, which I wholly support, is a end to the Russian/Ukraine War. I’ve provided a link to the website at the end of this essay. Hopefully this is the first of many demonstrations. No one wants a Nuclear WW3 between the United States, the EU and Russia.

The Chinese Balloon diversion and the expanding Globalist Clusterfuck against humanity

Biden and other globalists are committing treason and must be stopped


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Defund the WHO. [Great essay].

We are in for a fight.

But some doubt this bill, even if approved, will stop the WHO accord from going into effect once President Joe Biden signs it.

“With all due respect to the sponsoring senators, that will not do the trick,” Francis Boyle, professor of international law at Illinois University, told The Epoch Times. The reason, he said, is that the WHO accord is drafted specifically to circumvent the Senate-approval process, and Congress instead should immediately withhold its yearly contributions to the WHO and take the United States out of the organization.

Currently, the United States is the largest contributor to the WHO’s $6.72 billion budget, of which $1.25 billion is for “health emergencies.” The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the second largest donor to the WHO, contributing 9 percent of its budget in 2021; China is the third.


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I DO NOT CONSENT! Our health and sovereignty do not belong in the hands of the WHO nor anyone for the matter! UN, NATO, WHO and WEF were created for the NWO! Schwab was Kissinger protege form in 1972. Bush family, Kissinger, Cheney are the globalist in R clothing and all the thug D. JFK and Trump went against their narrative .

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Anyone even considering this nonsense is not fit for 6th grade.

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I am starting to guess that World War 3 will more than likely be the people of all nations rising up against these wanna be dictators.

If we don't, we are ALL doomed!

Even these satanic evil fools can't allow a Nuclear war like they are threatening.

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I sent this on to a friend that serves on a board responsible to advise lawmakers whether to say yes or no.

He said the frightening part of this is that the WHO can kill all of an owners animals WITHOUT a veterinarian advising or being involved. No pandemic is even necessary.

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Regardless of propaganda, this will hold zero weight without Senate ratification. We need to be ready to say 'no' and truly mean it. #DoNotComply #NoCompromise #NoSurrender

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You got it.

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