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We know from this that something else is going on.

Money laundering Politics has let our once free country be taken over by nonelected alphabet soup organizations.

The FDA may have had good intentions once upon a time but now it is right there with the CIA(They even destroy one another), FBI (Russiagate), CDC, WHO(planning world take over), USDA (farmers can't sell products), BLM (Bureau that confiscates land and sells Uranium to Russia), IRS(which was used by Obama to target political opponents) FEMA(which sent 2 personal friends to prison over a lie) and the list goes on and on.

Absolutely no HEALTH reason to Jab anyone (except maybe as evidence shows it is to destroy health)!

If about half the jabs are a placebo and as Cancer Doctors claim there is a 20 fold increase in CANCER from the TOTAL jabbed then the 20 fold increase is now only among the real victims it means a far greater group will get boosters of the real thing!

Have no fear cause NOW they have a Cancer thing out to earn more bucks for the famous Fauci jab maker friend!

I went online and counted the obituaries for one funeral home and there IS a big increase. 2020=110, 2021=147, 2022=137, and there aren't usually obituaries for babies and stillborns.

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